Beautiful Lego 2: Dark

As many of you know, I've been working on the long awaited followup book to Beautiful Lego…

Beautiful Lego 2: Dark – Contest and Rules

I'm happy to announce, the long awaited sequel to Beautiful Lego is gearing up!
It will be much like the last book – gorgeous pictures, art book look with minimal type, no instructions, and some essays. Like the first book, it'll be set up in chapters with categories (some obvious, some oddball) and some chapters just on designers.

New to this book will be a theme that will act as a lens for the curating process. Dark is the theme of the book. MOCs in the book will display some aspect of darkness.

Because the Beautiful Lego series of books is all about the community and the fantastic work that is done, I think it's fitting that we have a contest! This is where you all come in. In the next couple of months builders can submit works in the theme of 'Dark' which I'll be judging. A certain number of winning MOCs will be featured in the book. Various prizes are listed below and are subject to some change (perhaps other ideas as they come up). Have fun with this!

Good luck with this! I hope you can be a part of the book! Read more about the context at the jump

New Sister Site: The Mystical World of Odan

I have received quite a few requests for kits and art prints of this project. To this end, I have a new site, The Mystical World of Odan, with a store, as well as content to help explain the storyline. The next few LEGO projects I will be creating will be of the Odan world, so you'll find new projects or work in progress there as well. I'll be updating the Odan site regularly so be sure to stop back. :)

– Mike