Victorian on Mud Heap: Work in Progress

I've been working away since February on my third piece and third in the abandoned house series. This moc is turning out to be quite a time and piece gobbler. I think it'll probably top 100k pieces in the end. Seems like it will be about 5 1/2' x 5 1/2' and 2' deep, which will make it the largest one I've attempted to boot! I chose this large format so I can get the most detail possible.

Current work in progress without 'mud' base which I'm building separately. Currently, the house is missing a large roof peak and dormer window between the two peaks pictured here.
The piece features a three story Victorian with wood panel siding and lots of gingerbread detailing. One portion of the first story has been blown open by mud which has run through the house and spills over the porch. As the name suggests, the entire piece sits on mud with landscaping and tree turned over in it. The exposed room has lovely wood panel detailing and wallpaper and ceiling plaster/paint that is pealing off.

I'm pleased to say it is nearing finish with perhaps a month and a half to go or so. As with the others, I'll be selling prints and chunks of the actual model (I take them apart after photographing to recapture the pieces). The price will be less expensive than the last if buy the package without the chunk or more with a large chunk. Unlike previous mocs in the series, I'll only be selling a few editions with the chunks.



Katie Walker said...

Oooh, pretty. And I really like the lacy curtains. It'll be exciting to see this finished! ;-)


Mike Doyle said...

Thanks Katie!
...for me too. :D