The Power of Freedom: Iraq

From torture camps to black sites, 
Abu Ghraib by the thousands.
Dark skies split with phosphorous lights,
Melting open hands.

Uranium-tipped rain falls near mom;
Her three-headed girl just born.*
Another girl with six fingered palm,                                                
New heirloom bodies torn.

To the blind men cheering on…
Good Lord, was that really me?
God once blessed America,
And she's turned her back on Thee.

*Note: Fatima Ahmed was born with two heads attached and one head not attached.

Interesting reading and viewing:

Abu Ghraib
Betrayal of human rights, fairness and Geneva Convention agreement of conduct of war.
Ghosts of Abu Ghraib (documentary)

… phosphorous lights; To melt …
U.S. use of White Phosphorous which is a chemical weapon like Napalm; it melts people. New formula, basically same effect.

Uranium-tipped … bodies torn.
Thousands of tons of U.S. depleted uranium (DU) tipped missiles (dirty bombs) leave a legacy of cancer, leukemia, diabetes, heavy metal poisoning and record birth defects including limb, head, heart and nervous system for Iraqis to deal with. Following this discovery, women in Fallujah are told by city officials not to have children.

Uranium is heavy and slices through armor handily which makes it highly desirable for the Department of Defense (DoD) to use.The relationship of DU to the growing health problems in Iraq is controversial due to: lack of study, misinformation from DoD, incomplete studies and new evidence coming to light and finally inflammatory, sensational reporting. You can decide. In any case something is going on. Following the invasions we have a large increase in the above medical conditions.

More research is needed to determine all causes. In 1999, the Rand Corp. – hired by DoD after congress demanded studies to be done – dismissed the use of depleted uranium as dangerous. However, their study did not include combat use of the uranium where high pressure explosions turn this into a dust particle aerosol. The DoD began a program of misinformation by flooding different channels to confuse and put down the issue. A UN 2008 report from 2008 addresses a number of studies directly.

effects and extent of radiation

studies on depleted uranium

… blind men cheering on …
Pentagon uses marketing/media techniques (and contractors) to falsify testimony in media and in front of Congress. All our conventional media outlets (network TV and newspapers/magazines) have been controlled as a result. "Embedding" the journalists gives false keyhole impressions of the war to Americans (and Congressional leaders) as to why we are there, what we are doing, what WMDs we have been using and the extent that the horrific, nightmare effects playing out now in Iraq are related.

00:55:00 US used legally prohibited cluster bombs not reported in US
01:07:55 US arranges for Saddam statue topple for TV viewing
01:20:20 US targets/kills independent journalists

Psywar (documentary)
The first bit after a little history speaks of Iraq. The rest is interesting though.
00:12:23 Lancet report to be taken with caution. Numbers are believed to be inaccurate and inflated due to improper polling techniques.

Staged Rescue of Private Jessica Lynch

No End in Sight (documentary)
Excellent documentary tracing the rise of the insurgency that we caused.
Including deaths, increased poverty and destruction of infrastructure, the insurgency – which we created through policy and inaction – destroyed Iraqi culture through the burning of the national archives and looting of their museum. This museum once contained artifacts from the dawn of history.


Anonymous said...

The whole presentation - poem and all - is very striking. As a disabled veteran produced by the war, I find this very moving.

I came to age in the late 90's and, as a child I watched various military interjections of the late 80's, early 90's, and mid 90's with "right leaning eyes" believing that we had learned our lessons from previous wars and that our military really would be used to make the world a better place. I joined the Army in 1997 to potentially take part in missions like that we performed in that Balkans - to stop genocide and to make the world a better place.

I know this comment is getting to be very long-winded, but I volunteered and was placed as an Infantry Officer prior to September 11th. I was finishing up Ranger School when the war in Iraq broke out and I just didn't buy the premise of that war. I ended up being to deployed to Iraq in February 2004 and I spent 13 months there were I served as an Infantry Platoon Leader.

What I saw and did in Iraq was contrary to everything I grew up believing we as a people stood for. Now, 10+ years after the my time in Iraq, I continue to be troubled non-stop by images and recollections that never escape me.

Again, this piece is very moving and striking to me. To me it brings out a combination of feelings of regret and anger about how people like me were suckered and duped into perpetrating war on the Iraqi people.

Mike Doyle said...

Thanks for writing! I am very sorry for what you are going through now. I would say you are uniquely equipped to speak out against military action to help prevent others from taking the route you did.

All I have are some art skills, but in the end, it doesn't have the power as one such as yourself, who has been there and felt these things for himself.

Best of luck to you on your journey in life. May you find peace.


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