Abandoned Home Project, Work In Progress

... a few months later and nearly finishing my first MOC since coming out of the dark ages.
A more recent image of the final roof (added to this blog after initial posting) with melted snow.

Here is a first look at the project, near completed in my studio. Overall, I'm pretty pleased. Mostly, I'm still concerned about getting a well lit, good photograph of it. This was just a quick image taken. I'm still working on the roof, but the idea here is that it will have snow melting on it. I don't have a scale on this model but it is about 2.5' wide and high and 1' deep. It is to be the front facade only.

My 'studio' is working out ok for me so far. The desk you can partially see is filled with legos sorted by color. On the wall in front of me are some hanging tray cabinets which is the core of what I am working with (you can just see the corner of it in the right). Other such cabinets are to one side of me as well.

- mike


TOM MORSE said...

This is a great piece, We need to see more photos of this project!!!
I found this through the BrotherBrick blog.

Ske-Opt said...

I think lego would be interested in seeing this. You might be able to market yourself. (if your into that sort of thing)

Awesome job.

Alana said...

"I'm still concerned about getting a well lit, good photograph of it" - have you considered a timed exposure for your interim shots? Any flash would blast off the white or shiny black bricks and wash out detail and any half decent DSLR camera on a tripod with a long exposure would solve that. I'm heartbroken it's dismantled and can't wait to see what's next!