Beautiful Lego 2: Dark

As many of you know, I've been working on the long awaited followup book to Beautiful Lego…

I'm pleased to announce that the book is printing and will be available in November of this year. Much thanks to all who participated – the book is about you all! This volume is larger than the last with 340 or so pages (compared to 280), has more images (425 compared to 380 or so) and many more contributors (140 vs around 75). Additionally, the book is hard bound which will add to the richness of the set.

I decided to build this series out thematically. Each book will explore a different theme and have its own personality. After Dark, I hope to explore themes such as 'bright' (lighter, playful and fun), nature and characters/personalities.

BL2: Dark explores some of the darker moc creations I've seen with chapters including: Creepy Crawlers, Biomimicry, Future Shock, Dragon Lore, Evil Attunement, Skin and Bones, Dark Towers, Greed Co., Unlimited and Patriot Axe, to name a few. Also, we take a look at the lighter side of dark with Ocean Depths, Indulgences, Mythos and Little Spooks. The book was quite an endeavor to create in just 6 months, but, in the end, I'm very proud of this one. It's gorgeous looking and a fitting complement to BL.

Below please enjoy a few spreads from the book:


Grade 5 with Mrs. Kelly said...

Hello Mike,
I just caught onto your book, Beautiful Lego, as I saw one of my student's reading it during class! A future graphic designer or engineer, possibly! I teach ancient civilizations (Egypt and Greece) to fifth grade at a small independent school in CT. I would love my students to build some of the famous monuments from both countries, especially now that due to unrest in the Middle East and difficult times in Europe, many of these places are at risk if not ruined.

Would you please provide me with some guidance about how to go about this project idea. Do I allow students to choose amonument, research it and then build it. I suppose I need to put a shout out for Lego contributions. May I just use any and all bricks? This is a fifth grade group who loves to build. I really want to do this and then have them create a book or slide show. Any thoughts or advice about the process so I can begin to plan? I LOVE your book and will be giving copies as Christmas gifts.

Kerri Kelly
Fifth Grade Teacher
The Country School
Madison, Connecticut 06409

Mike Doyle said...

Hello Mrs Kelly,
I'm glad to hear you like the book and also are using Lego as a teaching tool! You can contact me directly at Ideally, all white bricks would be best. Lego can also be bought used in bulk at where you can select individual pieces if there is a budget. I would think it would be difficult to replicate a monument in a meaningful way though. Also, seems like you might run into shortages of Lego between the students. I've been trying to think of ways to do this. The ancients are of great interest to me, in particular Egypt. Feel free to contact me. best mike