Sickening Sweet

This creation was inspired by our unsustainable culture of excess and materialism – pushed on us through corporate greed. Our table is set and we are expected to dine. Obsessive consumerism is the message, and we take our seat at the table by working to borrow, borrowing to buy, buying to indulge and… feel. We're told the seats must be filled or the table will be cleared. In the end, this dinner is an illusion, weighed down with promissory notes long since due. The sickening sweet days of excess are upon us. It's 2pm and that sugar high is giving way to a serious crash.

…it's a fine time to walk away from this banquet.

~10k pieces
Everything in the image is Lego built including the Lego rubber bands used to decorate the tops of candies.

Limited edition art prints are available on Bumble & Bramble.

– mike

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