Beautiful Lego 2: Dark – Contest and Rules

I'm happy to announce, the long awaited sequel to Beautiful Lego is gearing up!
It will be much like the last book – gorgeous pictures, art book look with minimal type, no instructions, and some essays. Like the first book, it'll be set up in chapters with categories (some obvious, some oddball) and some chapters just on designers.

New to this book will be a theme that will act as a lens for the curating process. Dark is the theme of the book. MOCs in the book will display some aspect of darkness.

Because the Beautiful Lego series of books is all about the community and the fantastic work that is done, I think it's fitting that we have a contest! This is where you all come in. In the next couple of months builders can submit works in the theme of 'Dark' which I'll be judging. A certain number of winning MOCs will be featured in the book. Various prizes are listed below and are subject to some change (perhaps other ideas as they come up). Have fun with this!

Good luck with this! I hope you can be a part of the book! Read more about the context at the jump

MocPages Contest Info

Dec 9th - April 1st
If you have an epic piece that is taking longer than expected, email me about the situation along with a picture of the progress. We'll talk further about it and timing.

Rather than go with traditional 1st, 2nd, 3rd place, etc. I want to categorize by level of achievement. There is no set limit to how many of each prize will be awarded but will depend purely on the caliper and volume of work.

Titanium Achievement
- One full page spread in the book (that's two side by side pages) of the MOC which includes: Large full page image (or a little smaller if a micro), with multiple views.
- Potentially a second spread if the work warrants it (in the case of large scale works)
- An art printout of your work that I will send you on archival paper/archival inks. Size will depend on proportions of piece but will fit on a 13" x 19" page. Art print will be titled with project name and achievement.
- A note of recognition in the book.
- A personalized and signed copy of the book.
- Exposure. The spread that your MOC is on will be shown on this book's 'contents' of the publisher's site, amazon, etc and will be shown in press releases (with you credited). Beautiful Lego was shown in WSJ, LA Times,, Huffington Post and loads of other places, for example.

Gold Achievement
- One full page of the MOC, which might include a large image and smaller closeups or a single large image (depending on how it looks in the book)
- A note of recognition in the book.
- A personalized and signed copy of the book.

Silver Achievement
- One medium sized image in the book
- A note of recognition in the book.
- A signed copy of the book. 

Bronze Achievement
- One image in the book.
- A note of recognition in the book.
- A copy of the book.


1. Your MOC needs to be 'Dark'.
It can be moody, of evil, melancholy, haunting or chilling, etc. Your MOC can simply take a normal object colored black and dark gray or such. It might be about something dark – for instance, dark chocolate. Or the MOC can be about places that are dark – ocean bottom, alleyways at night, black forest etc. It can be about dark events (though Holocaust has been done already and not so interesting, I think).

2.  MOCs can be of any genre… EXCEPT:
- No sexual stuff, keep it clean in that respect.
- Color of skin (ie dark complexion) is not an acceptable interpretation of Dark.
- Guns as objects. Don't like 'em. Unless portrayed as a dark societal aspect, don't want em. Sorry, I know people love the hobby etc, but not for me.

3.  Genres that are discouraged (risky).
- Minifigs are discouraged. Sorry, it's a personal thing. I just don't like them. You can submit, but, that's risky.
- Star Wars is discouraged. Yes, I know…the Dark side. I'm not a huge SW fan and it's not particularly original. You can submit, but, it's a bigger risk.
- There are a few themes already so heavily done, they will carry with them a handicap as the book is already filled to the brim with that material: MECHA and SPACE SHIPS.

4. Size doesn't matter…too much.
- It can be a small microscale up to an epic piece.
- Generally large pieces can work much harder in impression, but small micros are great too.

5. No more than 3 MOCs per person.
- There is an exception here. If you do small microscale works, you may submit a number of them at once as a set, if that is the intention. For instance characters, animals or such. In which case, they will be judged as a set.

6. No fancy background graphics or copy.
- For me, they tend to take away from the art, and most importantly don't fit in the book's look and feel.

7. No LDD, legal build.
- Must be built with real unaltered Lego. I don't care for stickers and would rather see expression through plastic. One other pet peeve, avoid dumping of Lego for water, ground effects. I know it makes for a lovely texture, it just fails to impress in terms of mastery of technique.

8. Must be original.
-Obvious, but need to say it. True to the acronym: my own creation.

Things I look for:
- Beauty
- Originality
- Interesting techniques
- Presentation (make sure it is shot at highest resolution, so if picked, it can be sized appropriately)
- Representation of the theme 'Dark'.

Also…Don't be surprised if I do photoshop work on the piece. Most of the MOCs in Beautiful Lego got this. Generally, to color balance, add highlights or increase contrast as necessary, add complementary background, etc. This will not change the actual sculpture, but just the presentation if needed. Don't dismantle piece right away as I might ask you to reshoot at a different angle – if I see a better opportunity to make your work look more dramatic.

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