New book: Beautiful LEGO

If you've not heard of it, I'd like to introduce you to a new book that I have developed with NoStarch Press. This is due to release in September.

The book's premise is to portray fantastic LEGO MOCs created by designers around the world, in an art book format. For those new to LEGO custom creations, I hope this collection will help to inspire. For those in the hobby, I've taken some time to refresh the images and color correct for an updated look. As a result, the mocs often look as if photographed in the setting of a museum display. The book is around 280 pages and has close to 360 MOCs and 400 images. I'm thinking this is great for the office to display your AFOL pride and quickly quell those looks you might get when you tell them you "build with LEGO".

I must say I'm very pleased by the look of this book. Very special thanks to all the contributors as well as NoStarch Press for all the help provided in making it a special piece.

You can read more about it at NoStarch where it is also available for purchase.

Here's a few spreads from the book.


MOCingProductions said...

Hi I couldn't find a place to leave a comment on reMOCable so I posted it here. On birds their is a "MOC" by "Slackware". I would like to tell you that this is not a MOC - it is from a set. I can look up the set number if you wish me too. Also on CUUSOO their are some nice parrots :-)



Courtney said...

Hey Mike, congrats! The book looks amazing, can't wait to get my copy!

Anonymous said...


Erin Sosa said...

Cool legos! Wow! Can you make a counterpart of these mind blowing legos? . The sea monster is cute. they shouldn't call it a monster though.