Contact 1: Finished Moc

Contact 1:  The Millennial Celebration of the Eternal Choir at K'al Yne, Odan
200,000+ Lego pieces
Micro Scale (Scale 1 plate = 1 story)
5' high x 6' wide
600+ hours

Prints and DIY Kits of parts of the model available through World of Odan

Dawn's Light Residential Tower (approx 3000 pieces) – 1 of 5 DIY Kits avail through World of Odan

The Contact Series of LEGO built creations was designed to promote the beauty of all intelligent life forms as extensions of our family – children under the same creative force.

This is a story where human consciousness rediscovers the art of intuition and the subtle – but powerful – forces of the universe. Here, groups of modern humans use ancient rituals which – in combination with expanded consciousness – initiates communication with the great space faring cultures of the universe. Vectoring extraterrestrial beings to their position on earth, these humans invite the visitors to help heal the planet through the ETs' transformative powers and bring the greater Earth community closer to the spiritual nature of the universe.

In the Contact Series, war, self interest and materialistic thinking are products of the less evolved species – such as humans. While there are others like us in the universe, the vast collection of sentient beings spread throughout the universe have either evolved beyond this or never had concepts as these in their culture.

Understanding the spiritual nature and properties of the universe helps societies to unlock powerful forces which greatly improve the quality of life. The forces include out of body travel (astral travel), healing, telepathy with all life forms (including plants and animals), weather control, trans location, space travel, instant plant growth, materialization of objects through sound and thought and much more. Generally speaking, what we perceive as supernatural, paranormal or miraculous are simply expressions of this power. The most spiritually advanced of the cultures have evolved close to celestial.

All advanced technologies dovetail into this spiritual story. For example, traveling beyond home systems is only possible through a combination of advanced electronics and consciousness expansion. Ships are manufactured conscious entities which interface with star travelers. Forged in the astral realm through pure tones, these living trans dimensional transport vehicles fold out of linear space time allowing for movement at the speed of consciousness – which is limitless.

Now for the catch. In order to access and interface in this manner, one must resonate at a high frequency (or of kindness). Malevolent levels of consciousness simply cannot access this kind of advancement. For this reason, interstellar war is not an option. Ships have no weapons.The vast multitude of sentient, space faring races keep track of lower evolved, spiritually empty races that enter atomic and space ages. Quarantines are put up around such planets to maintain peace in local areas of space. Missions to neutralize atomic weapons are part of the quarantine process. And so it is with earth…

Future 'Contact' works will feature celebrations of expanded consciousness, loving and caring moments of ETs, contact events and other celebration from our brothers and sisters throughout the universe.

First Work: 
The Millennial Celebration of the Eternal Choir at K'al Yne, Odan
The series begins with Odan – one of the New Worlds. Like Earth, their civilization is young – under two hundred thousand years old. Unlike Earth, their species evolved from mammals that did not have inter species killing. The concept of war and murder remained unknown to this race as a result of these early evolutionary behaviors. This allowed for the quick advancement along cultural and spiritual tracks.

One of Odan's great cultural icons is the Eternal Choir. Based in the small, but ancient town of K'al Yne, the choir has been singing uninterrupted for 1,000 years. Thousands of citizens participate a few hours a day forming an atmosphere filled with music. Now, the millennial celebration has come and visitors throughout this and many other galaxies have come to witness the event. Like many of the Great Choirs, music is sung both in the physical and astral. This has the effect of purifying elements, such as soil, water and air, preventing illnesses and promoting the growth of enhanced spiritual fruits – making for an especially high standard of living.

Sanctuary Gate: Issis Elb'ien (approx 1700 pieces) – 1 of 5 DIY Kits avail through World of Odan

K'al Yne is a popular local galactic vacation spot. Visitors can expect powerful spiritual food grown locally, wonderful astral vacation chambers, beautiful meditation temples all in a charming small town setting. While there are not as many physical activities here in K'al Yne, the ancient town more than makes up for it with particularly advanced astral vacation chambers. Here, visitors can enjoy long assisted meditation sessions – which can last a few days to weeks – while adventuring in a variety of exciting astral realms. These realms – free of physical restraints – offer a heightened degree of intensity (whether relaxing or adventuring) than can be found in the physical.

The architecture in K'al Yne was modeled after many of the spiritual centers from the old cultures in its galactic cluster. Buildings are mostly windowless which keep night light pollution to a minimum – a must for night meditation in the stars. "Windows" are projected through fiber optic like devices which open entire walls up completely to the outside. This technology brings in light, perfect views, cool breezes and the sounds of the city.

Near Galactic Arts Museum (approx 700 pieces) – 1 of 5 DIY Kits avail through World of Odan.


Evan Brus said...

Wow – simply incredible. I'm still uncovering intricate details hidden in the buildings and landscape. This would be a legendary construction on its own, much less part of a larger series.

I wasted no time posting this on my own blog:

Mike Doyle said...

Wow, thanks for the very nice comment and writeup, Evan! Much appreciated!

Ruthie Gray said...

Mike, this is the most amazing and wonderful Lego creation I have ever seen... you are a very talented and creative person! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Incredible!! Kudos for your amazing work. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow man this is great! I really have to take a few hours to explore all of it, if I can do it that fast!

Pyracantha said...

This is Awesome. It reminds me of James Hampton's "Throne of the Third Heaven" in the Smithsonian:

Pedro Nogueira said...

Absolutely amazing.
Perhaps the most impressive LEGO® MOC I have ever seen.
I had to share it in my LEGO® blog.
Regards from Portugal.

Mike Doyle said...

Thanks Pedro!

Anonymous said...

Great stuff. Which classical music did you use for the presentation?

Meg said...

Saw part of the advanced copy of the book at BEA - and grabbed a poster. Will look out for it in stores when it comes out. Simply stunning work!!

Vernell said...

This is cool!

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Nils Perriolat said...

Cool, tu es même idolâtré en France pour tes créations. T'es le meilleur.

nfbyfm said...

I came across the "Sanctuary Gate" on kickstarter and am now wondering if there's still a chance to get the "set". Are there by chance building instructions or a bom of sorts?
With kind regards, nfbyfm

Mike Doyle said...

I am not selling the model anymore but do sell a pdf instructions of the models. You can contact me at