Odan: K'al Yne Update

Here are some more snaps from this project as of today. It's coming right along, I think. Unfortunately, the Kickstarter project was unsuccessful. My sincere appreciation to those who helped, including funders and others who blogged and got out the message.

The good news is I will be (re)Kickstarting this project again in January when it is done in order to help pay for it and the next in the series. One addition, that I'm very excited to announce are posters (both regular and archival fine art) that will be created and part of this next campaign in January. Given the scale of the project, the prints need to be large to capture the details and drama of the piece.

I'm also excited to include artifacts of the K'al Yne culture. A few items related to their rituals will be built and shot as part of the series to help bring the story to life.

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