ODAN: K'AL YNE progress

Quick and dirty ipad photos at 60% completion.
Kickstarter rewards  starting at $12 for a hand embossed 4" x 6" fine art print.
Less than 2 weeks left now.

I've been able to make good progress on this even with power down from Hurricane Sandy. The power still remains out so lighting is hard to capture details, but this should help to show the basic extent of what has been done. The model is almost 2x as high as before and much more detailing throughout.

I'm afraid funding for this Kickstarter project stalled after a few days, so I have a bad feeling this won't get funded. If you are interested, I would again like to remind you of this project and to spread the word. :)

I do like the theme here and am excited to continue on with more such Odan based projects. In my abandoned house series, I explored texture through the current events of financial collapse and it's effect on foreclosed homes … and of course the effect of abandonment. Both pictorially the abandonment of home as well as society's abandonment on the struggling.

Now with Odan, I explore the texture of a world entering a spiritual crisis. As America is seeing its 4th (I believe) spiritual awakening now, it is interesting to examine a world opposite our own. That is, deeply spiritually based with spreading pockets of disillusionment and materialism. The texture of these pieces is not only one of fanciful detailing of buildings, but also the texture of different cultures with their contrasting light and darkness of spirit.

– Mike

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Sam's Blog said...

Fantastic !!!!!!
i'm completely impressed by this incredible world!
Great and Beautiful!