Odan: K'al Yne – The Seer's Sanctuary

The Seer's Sanctuary marks the oldest area of K'al Yne which is reflected in its ancient architecture. Set around a lush area filled with life, the sanctuary marks the site of the first Seer's tower – which was later rebuilt into it's current form. (I've not yet built this part). Around the tower is the Great Tree of Life which is a majestic centerpiece to the city.

In the pictures seen here you can see the front gate to the sanctuary as well as one tree of life in left side wall. The river that runs through it forms a large waterfall behind the central bridge and guard tower. More of this architecture will be sprinkled throughout the city as remains of older sections of the city.

This project is in need of funding on Kickstarter. The Seer's Sanctuary pictured here has already been funded, but there are many more sections of the pieces which, through your support, can receive.

– Mike

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