Since entering the Lego hobby in the last year or two, I can't seem to get enough Lego themed material to read and browse through. I've poured though flickr, hit all the blogs I can and keep BrickJournals handy in my backpack, always handy for a 'quick fix' on the train. What a delight it is then to read John Baichtal and Jeo Meno's new coffee table book, The Cult of Lego.

This book is jam packed with all sorts of fun info. From interesting trivia on the Lego company to the different genres of building, there's lots to read. In anticipation for this book, I had read through the contents that No Starch Press lists on their site. After receiving the book, I can say that the book is bursting with more than I had thought based on what appears on the contents. It sort of reads like a magazine, with each page generally a new topic within broader themes. Each topic is just a few paragraphs long so it's easy to flip through the book and take in specific details quickly. Great for kids too. All the pages are filled with images. The look of the book is colorful, playful and has a fun spirited Lego feel.

The book really is a must have for all LEGO enthusiasts' book shelves!

Chapter 1: The History of LEGO
Chapter 2: Building Again
Chapter 3: Minifig Mania
Chapter 4: (Re)creating Icons
Chapter 5: Building from Imagination
Chapter 6: LEGO Art
Chapter 7: Telling Stories
Chapter 8: Micro/Macro
Chapter 9: Digital Brickage
Chapter 10: LEGO Robotics: Building Smart Models
Chapter 11: Gatherings
Chapter 12: Serious LEGO

Hardcover, 304 pages, listing at $39.95 through No Starch.


Buffalorand said...

Thank you for providing this difficult to buy for Father the perfect Christmas Gift idea to pass along to his Son!

Doug Land. said...


One day I'll figure out a way to combine my love of Legos and my illustrations!